We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers below. If the question you have is not answered below, please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.


  • How do I keep a track of my call charges?

    When your number is activated you will have access to an on line account which will enable you to make changes to the service and also to monitor call stats. You will be able to see the number of calls, the duration and who has called you.

  • Which number would be best for my business?

    Choosing a number depends on your target market.

    If you wish to appeal to a local market then a geographic number in the chosen local area would be the most suitable.

    If you wish to appeal to a national market then a 08 number could be for you. Call the Touchdown Team to discuss your requirements.

  • What if I need to change the divert number?

    You can call the Touchdown Team during office hours and we will happily make the changes for you. You will also have access to an online sub account which will allow you to make any necessary changes as and when you wish to.

  • What will happen to the calls if I do not wish to answer them out of hours?

    You can either divert your calls to the Virtual Receptionist (please ask for details), or you can send your calls straight to the voicemail box. The messages are then delivered to you via email, or you can dial in over the phone to listen to them.

  • Will callers know that their call is being transferred?

    Calls are seamlessly passed through to the destination number, even whilst the ‘Whisper’ announcement is being played, the caller will hear continuous ringing.

  • Is it expensive to divert calls to my mobile?

    Many businesses divert their fixed lines to their mobiles which can incur costs of up to 22ppm. Touchdown mobile divert costs start from as little as 6ppm.

  • What are the benefits of having a Virtual Number?

    A Virtual Number gives you the freedom to work from wherever you need to and gives you the ability to divert your calls to any landline or mobile handset.

    A Virtual Local Number enables you to create a local presence in any area you wish.

    Virtual Numbers are a great way to keep track of any telephone marketing campaigns, with access to real time call stats you are able to see how many calls you are receiving into one particular number.

  • Am I able to keep my existing business telephone number(s)?

    Yes, you can. Providing we have a porting agreement with the existing carrier we are more than happy to take over your number so that you can benefit from the Touchdown services. Alternatively, you can divert your line into Touchdown and utilise the same great features.

  • How will I differentiate between a business and a personal call?

    When using the Touchdown ‘Whisper’ feature, your business calls will be announced to you before you speak with the caller enabling you to answer in a professional manner.