Business class Voicemail with unlimited messages, online management and notifications via email and SMS.


The Basics

Add Virtual Voicemail to a new or existing number. Your caller will be greeted by a professionally recorded message scripted by you.

  • Instant Email and SMS notification of new messages.
  • Retrieve your voicemail instantly in an email or dial in over the phone.
  • Your messages are protected with a secure PIN code.
  • Use as an announcement service to inform your callers of important information.
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears. For all call charges, please follow

How it Works

  1. Use your existing number or choose a new one from our range of geographic and non-geographic numbers.
  2. When customers dial your number they are greeted with a professionally recorded message.
  3. Receive instant notification when a voicemail is left.
  4. Receive your messages via email, or by dialling in and entering your unique pin.

Sign Up

From: £4.95 per month+ £5.95 set up fee