Combines the coverage of the UK mobile networks into one SIM; giving you the best signal possible in any area.


The Basics

Live or work in black spots not covered by your network? Fed up of having to use multiple SIM cards or phones? By combining the power of the 4 major mobile networks, the Strongest Signal SIM connects to the network with the strongest signal to give you the best mobile reception possible.

  • The combined coverage of Orange & T-mobile (EE), Vodafone, O2 and 3 for your calls and data.
  • 2G & 3G capability.
  • The best possible signal wherever you are in the UK.
  • Works with any unlocked mobile handset.
  • Global roaming SIM; can be used at home or abroad.
  • Ability to utilise MTPAS (Mobile Telecommunications Privileged Access Scheme) for members of the emergency services.
  • Perfect for: Emergency and security services, taxi drivers, frequent travellers and those who live in rural areas.
  • Any call charges incurred will be billed monthly in arrears (minimum call charge of 60 seconds). For all call charges, please follow

Case Study

Scarborough and Ryedale mountain rescue team test ‘Strongest Signal SIM’

“The team, as with most other Mountain Rescue Teams, utilise VHF radios for their operational communications and have links back to the emergency services by means of their Airwave solutions when we are deployed on incidents.

However, we also have a heavy reliance on commercial mobile phone services to activate the team ‘call out’ and ‘stand down’ messaging, for some communications when ‘in the field’ and increasing for accessing internet services. (weather, mapping etc).

The area, terrain and low density of population in our patch means that mobile communications are often difficult, if not impossible.

With that in mind it was good to be introduced to Touchdown Offices (@TDOLtd) of Easingwold and their Strongest Signal SIM solution, which we hope may help with some of our challenges.

We met with Dean and Danielle from Touchdown Offices in April when they were kind enough to lend us a SIM to try out at some of our communications black spots.

They were also good enough to wrap the SIM up in a Sonim handset which, if Sonim’s website is to believed, even we could not break!

The first outing for the combination was our Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon when it was taken around various checkpoints in one of our ambulances. Historically communications from these checkpoints has been bad but the strongest signal SIM maintained coverage throughout achieving this by locking onto the carrier with the best signal.

Subsequently we tested it over the Yorkshire Wolds, Dalby Forest, on the North Yorkshire Moors and at various locations where we know we have had bad coverage. Our experience was that if there was any mobile coverage then the SIM picked it up.

There were still some ‘black spots’ however we suspect this was because there was no mobile coverage in those specific locations.

The handset also lived up to its reputation and despite our best efforts we handed it back just as serviceable as when we received it.

We have since purchased a number of SIMs for our emergency vehicles and our ‘call out’ phones. We also believe a number of team members are going to buys the SIMs for their own personal use and at least one of the team passed the details to their employer as a solution to a particular problem they have over contacting staff in remote locations.”

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