Control your telephone system using only the power of speech.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition IVR’s allow callers to interact with a company’s telephone system by using their voice to navigate to the right department, rather than a telephone keypad.

These multi-lingual systems are being used worldwide by medical, education, government and legal organisations to help simplify the callers experience and manage repetitive tasks.

A Hosted Speech Recognition solution enables you to provide an excellent customer service experience and improve your call handling rate, for example:

  • Callers can have faster access to information.
  • Automated systems are often unpopular with customers due to long menus.
  • Ability to avoid complex menu systems by simply saying which department you wish to speak to.
  • Enables callers to select options whilst on the move, for example, whilst driving hands free.
  • Callers often do not need, or wish to speak to a live operator.
  • Allows callers to communicate using the most natural method – speech.
  • IVR system can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

Using the industry’s highest recognition accuracy, we can create a more satisfying interaction with your customer.

The Basics

Using the latest technology, Speech Recognition creates a professional business image whilst enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Customise language and vocabulary.
  • Calls are filtered according to requirements by speaking just one word.
  • Fully hosted solution.
  • Create more satisfying self-service communications.
  • Save time and money by automating calls.
  • Bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.
  • Empower employees with disabilities.

Pricing depends upon complexity of the system.

Case Study


Our client is a global partner which has relationships with businesses all over the world. One of their key projects was to consolidate their telephony and provide a common route by which their customer base could access their services. Part of this involved routing calls through central Assistance Centres managed by the client via internet based technology. The existing IVR solution used standard DTMF (touch tone) technology, which the agents would no longer be able to utilise.


We worked closely with the client to determine exactly what the right solution would be to meet all of the clients’ requirements. Speech Recognition was seen as the best way to do this. The calls would be routed in the same way, the only difference being that the agents would speak their choice rather than use a telephone keypad. The client required the system to initially recognise 8 languages including Russian and Spanish. All of the requested languages were built into the system and testing was successful.


As the Touchdown Speech Recognition service is fully hosted, it meant that it could be easily integrated with the customer’s existing telephony infrastructure, keeping costs to a minimum.

The agents have noticed a considerable time-saving benefit in that they now only receive calls that are intended for them, enabling them to work more efficiently, without having to re-direct misplaced calls due to incorrect key presses.

As the Speech Recognition is multi-lingual, callers are able to choose their language at the beginning of the call so that they are transferred to an agent who speaks their language, creating a more satisfying self-service communication.